Wirecutters & Cases 

We have a large selection of new & vintage wirecutters and cases in stock - enter WIRECUTTER into search box and look for the relevent code in the options


Vintage leather , huntsmans wirecutter or knife case c/w a horseman's multi tool knife with knife blade ,hoofpick , stripping knife & hoof knife. The knife is not contemporary to the case ,but fits well - Price £39.99 [sorry this one's SOLD]


Vintage "Made in England" Chrome wirecutters in fitted leather case - Price £49.99


Vintage leather Wirecutter case c/w original Swaine & Adeney antique wirecutters . The cutters have some deep rust damage & the case has some old repairs. A very rare item in need of some restoration - Price £89.99 . The wirecutters are now SOLD but i am still open to offers for the case.


A rivetted leather wirecutter case Circa WW1 c/w a set of vintage wirecutters by "Sykes - made in England - No223". I dont think they started life together but they fit comfortaby. Price 39.99


Vintage wirecutters in top quality leather saddle fitting case, very much a useable item - ready to go hunting - Price £89.99