The Badsworth & Bramham Moor Hounds

This page is my unofficial site for our local hunt, The Badsworth And Bramham Moor Hounds which was formed when the two hunts merged in 2002. The new official site can be found at

The BBMH passes through Hillam Village 7-1-06

Hunt History

The Badsworth Hunt was one of the oldest in the country with records going back before 1730. The merger with the Bramham Moor took place in 2002.

The Bramham Moor Hunt was founded by Mr Fox-Lane , son of Lord Bingley between 1740 - 1750 . More information at B&BMH History

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Hunt Country

The Badsworth portion of the country lies wholly in Yorkshire stretching from the Pennines to the River Humber at Goole.

The Bramham Moor portion lies in West and North Yorkshire , from Harrogate in the north to Selby in the south and from Otley in the west to Bilbrough in the east. The country ranges from permanent grass with stone walls & timber in the north, to plough with open ditches in the south.

Adjacent Hunts

Adjacent Hunts are the Grove & Rufford to the south, the Holderness and the York & Ainsty [South] to the east , the York & Ainsty [North] to the north , and the Rockwood to the west.

Contact Details

E-mail: Mobile: 07980 697098

BBMH Hunt Events

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